Accent Lighting

Completely change the look of a room with our special lighting options.

Accent lighting will give your room the boost it needs.

We offer all kinds of fixtures for your home’s interior, including accent, recessed, sconce, and track lighting. They are the perfect addition for changing the focus in a room. In addition, these fixtures are great for functional needs such as avoiding glare on a TV screen too. However, accent lighting has complex wiring and puts a load on your home’s electrical system.
We understand how important it is to install this kind of lighting correctly the first time. That’s why we train our employees for 75 hours a year on all kinds of technologies pertaining to lighting. Even if your wiring is extremely modern, we can install it correctly.
Kitchen Lighting

Why have Fielack Electric install your accent lighting?

Eco-friendly lighting options

Innovative styling choices

Accent anything in your home

Change the focus of any room

Lighting with no glare

Unlimited lighting selections

Include wall sconces and recessed halogens

Make your rooms more beautiful

Lighting for under your counters and cabinets for practicality and aesthetics

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