Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are perfect for not only staying cool in the summer, but also circulating warm air in the winter.

Best of all, they help save on your energy bill in comparison to air conditioning units. However, if an amateur installs a ceiling fan improperly, it could add a large load to the designated circuit that it might not be able to handle. That’s why Fielack Electric makes sure to test the load capacity to avoid electrical issues later on.
In addition, our professionals will also balance the fan and make sure that it’s supported correctly. Let Fielack Electric safely install your ceiling fan so you can look forward to a cool summer.
Ceiling Fan Install

Why have Fielack Electric install your ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are one of the best fixtures to put in your home for any season. Call Fielack Electric today and learn how you can start saving money with a ceiling fan installation.

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