Network & Data Lines

We Recommend Hard-Wire Connections Over Simple Air Connections. They Have A Better Performance and Provide Higher Data Security

The electrical needs of our businesses change constantly, especially with new kinds of technology such as fiber-optic wiring. This is all to provide fast internet connections as well as reliable phone connections. Fielack Electric is the best Long Island electrician to call to create your own network that’s unique to your computer situation. By upgrading to a modern network, you’ll have fast and reliable connections in comparison to old, insecure wireless connections.

Replace Old Phone Jacks and Wiring to Avoid Poor Call Quality and the Possibility of a Fire.

We specialize in replacing old wires with modern jacks and wiring, so give us a call today. Fielack Electric will examine your current wiring situation and will either repair or replace anything that’s not up to standards. Enjoy better quality phone conversations with guaranteed safety.
Fix Network and Data Lines

If You Have a Sound System In Your Home, Using Fiber-Optic Technologies Will Make It Sound Even Better.

We can help you make the most out of it by connecting your computer (with fiber optic audio) to your receiver so you can have an all-in-one CD, DVD, and multimedia station. Fielack Electric will also reroute any messy wiring from large speakers to give you a presentable and modern media setup.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Data Lines:

Network Line Installation
Network Line Installation

benefits of upgrading your data lines:

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