Outlets & Switches

We rely on our outlets and switches everyday, so make sure they’re working to the best of their ability with Fielack Electric.

Outlets are one of the most important electrical components in your home.

They’re what connect you to your home’s energy. However, it may be difficult to tell when you have to replace them. The best way is to look for receptacles that are cracked or loose, as well as unreliable power. Although outlets may seem easy to replace or repair, we suggest leaving it to us. That’s because Fielack Electric can accurately perform the job in less than an hour.

Because we live up to providing the best service, we also double check the circuit that your outlet is connected to so it’s functioning properly. When we upgrade your outlet, you’re also guaranteed that it will continue working efficiently for many years in the future. Avoid fire and other electrical dangers by letting Fielack Electric install your outlet with our “Done Once, Done Right” warranty.

Breaker Repair

Don't take your light switches, dimmers, and timers for granted.

Your everyday switches handle a large load of electricity and are connected to lights and other devices that are used regularly. It’s easy to overlook them, but they need to be regularly examined, whether they’re decorative, rocker, standard, or dimmer switches.
Even if they function well every day, it doesn’t mean that they’re not susceptible to hazards like fires due to improper installation, loose wiring or overuse. This can be especially common with more modern, upgraded lighting.
The easiest way to make sure your devices are safe to use is by contacting Fielack Electric. We’ll inspect all of your switches and replace any if necessary. Our efficient technicians usually take less than an hour to perform this service that ensures overall safety and reliability.

Outlet & Switch Services Available

If you're ready, we're ready.

Let’s get your electrical appliances working at maximum efficiency.