Utility Fans

Utility fans are the best way to keep your home cool and provide it with clean air.

You can count on a utility fan to circulate the air in a room, whether it's for an attic, over a stove, or in a bathroom.

However, no matter where you place a fan in your home, they are simply great at cooling a room, eliminating moisture, as well as removing smoke and odors. The technicians at our company know what rooms tend to require a ceiling fan the most, based on where heat, odors, and smoke accumulate. They’ll know the best recommendations to make for you. Relax and enjoy better air with utility fans installed by Fielack Electric.
Nassau Electricians

Why do you need a utlity fan?

Remove hot, moist air and unpleasant odors from your bathroom

Reduce cooling costs from attic heat

Remove smoke while cooking

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