Landscape Lighting

Make your home stunning at night with strategically placed landscape lighting.

We understand the need to have a landscape that not only looks beautiful during the day, but also at night.

That’s why we avoid using distracting light fixtures that are visible when it’s light outside, as well as lights that are just too blinding when it’s dark. Fielack Electric’s experienced professionals are able to provide you with lights that are cost effective, will match your home’s characteristics, and are easy to install and run. Leave it to us to consider every factor, from walkways to landscapers, while setting up strategic light placement that’s unique to your home.
When you use our services, you can be assured that you won’t have to replace lights later on due to improper installation and/or placement. As with all of our services, our landscape lighting is “Done Once, Done Right.”
Security Lighting Repair

Why have Fielack Electric install your landscape lighting?

Low voltage and line voltage options

Automated and time control options

Fixtures with superior performance and damage resistance

Wide array of color choices

Fixture design that's hidden during the day and decorative at night

Talented and dedicated team

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