Buried Splice Boxes

No electrical splices are permitted outside of an approved enclosure, according to the National Electrical Code (NEC). Any regular outlet, switch, or light fixture box can be used as an acceptable enclosure, but a junction box is typically the best option when additional wiring splices need to be made along the circuit.


Due to their aesthetic appeal, buried splice boxes are a common choice in household settings. They are the most often used in residential electrical wiring because they shield the wires from harm from the outside environment and prolong their life.

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Get Your Buried Splice Boxes Surveyed!

A buried splice box must receive timely survey and maintenance to maintain top performance and lower the likelihood of a breakdown that would necessitate an expensive repair or replacement. Regular electrical surveys and maintenance can identify and fix possible safety problems.

With years of experience doing various electrical maintenance chores, Fielack Electric in Long Island, NY, also offers preventative care and inspections. You gain from a thorough electrical system analysis carried out by our skilled, updated professionals. They know what is needed to keep your system fully operational and secure.

Our personnel is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and specific tools essential to safely complete inspection work while guaranteeing that the task is finished with the appropriate care and accuracy.

To perform any essential splice box servicing and inspections, it is highly recommended to pick an experienced electrical contractor like Fielack Electric. This is because of the risks involved with electric shocks and arc flashes coming from electrical work.

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Electrical work can be a challenging, dangerous job that needs to be finished by a professional to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our electricians at Fielack Electric have the knowledge and expertise to handle any electrical job, whether it involves replacing outdated wiring in your home or surveying the buried splice boxes. Call us right now to speak with us.