Doubled Up Circuits

If you’ve lately glanced at the circuit breaker for your residence or place of business, you might have seen that everything appeared to be in order, giving you the impression that everything is operating effectively and safely. Maybe you didn’t notice that one or more of your circuit breakers are doubled up, though. 


Why are doubled-up circuits a problem, then? They haven’t been shown as being as horrible as everyone claims. Will your home catch fire as a result of it? Although technically incorrect, doubled-up circuits could theoretically cause your home to catch fire under certain circumstances. Nevertheless, this is unlikely. Our electricians frequently encounter doubled-up circuits, but the repair is quite simple.


If you have a problem that must be fixed, contact Fielack Electric in Long Island, NY, to handle this expert repair.

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Why Can Doubled Up Circuits Be Dangerous?

If your circuit isn’t made to support two wires, you may have a problem on your hands that is potentially deadly and that you shouldn’t overlook. 

Two wires attached to the same breaker or terminal could cause the circuit breaker to overheat. The possibility of arcing exists if the two wires are not secured sufficiently. Double tapping your circuit breaker increases the risk of a fire.

If your circuit is doubled up, you might be able to see for yourself. This is another typical configuration discovered when a home or business is inspected for business purposes. You shouldn’t attempt to handle the necessary cleanup work yourself once the doubled-up circuit has been found.

For repairs and inspection, get in touch with Fielack Electric. We will make the necessary adjustments to the wires by using our specialist expertise and training to identify which wires belong in the circuit breaker and which do not.

The knowledgeable staff at Fielack Electric can handle any electrical repairs you require, including double-up circuits, if you need to schedule a consultation with an electrical contractor in Long Island, NY. 

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