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4 Times You Should Have an Electrical Inspection

For more than 20 years, Long Island homeowners have been relying on Fielack Electric for all of their electrical needs. From inspections to complete service upgrades, the licensed master electricians at Fielack Electric will ensure that the electricity in your home is installed properly and safely. Their proven track record of success is a huge testament to their outstanding service. For all of your electrical needs, look no further than Fielack Electric.


Homeowners rely on electricity for virtually every facet of their lives; they use it to wash their dishes, clean their clothes, cook their food, to provide entertainment, and to see when natural light is dim. Unfortunately, however, while most homeowners use their electrical system on a constant basis, they don’t give it the attention that it needs.


Faulty electrical wiring can lead to serious trouble, such as electrocutions and fire. In fact, every year, more than 50,000 electrical fires occur in the US. To ensure the safety of your home and your family, the importance of an electrical inspection cannot be stressed enough.

But when should you have your electrical system inspected? Here’s a look at four times an inspection from a licensed electrician is an absolute must.


When You’re Buying a New Home


Don’t even think about buying your dream home until you have the electrical system inspected. Sure, the lights may work and the appliances may run, but that doesn’t mean the wiring is safe.


A lot of dirty little secrets can be hidden behind pretty walls and floors, especially shoddy electrical wiring. This is especially true in older homes. Many older homes aren’t outfitted with an electrical system that will meet the demands of modern electric use. Plus, the wires could be frayed or otherwise damaged. If that’s the case, you could end up overpowering the system or spark a fire before you even finish unpacking your boxes.


An inspection isn’t just for older homes; new houses can have poor wiring, too. For instance, if the previous homeowners were DIY enthusiasts and tried to do electrical work on their own, there’s a good chance that they made some mistakes along the way. Furthermore, the work they did may not be up to code.


To ensure your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare, make sure you have the wiring inspected by a certified electrician.


When You Are Shopping for Insurance


If you are thinking about switching your homeowner’s insurance policy to a new provider, make sure you schedule an electrical inspection before you start shopping around. Many insurers require inspections before they’ll even consider writing a policy. Even if you are planning on renewing your policy with the same insurer, you should consider having an inspection done. In fact, you may have to before your insurance company will approve your renewal.


An electrical inspection allows insurers to assess the risk of insuring your home. It also helps them determine the rates. By identifying any issues and having them addressed, you can increase your chances of getting a more affordable rate.


When You’re Going to Renovate


If you are planning on doing a major renovation to your home, having the electrical system inspected is a wise idea. It will ensure that your current wiring will be able to support the renovation. Furthermore, the best time to have any necessary upgrades completed is when the walls, floors, and/or ceilings are opened. And, if you plan on having any new outlets or light switches installed, a licensed electrician will be able to complete the additions after inspecting your system.


There’s no denying that electricity makes life a lot more convenient. By having your electrical system inspected, you can ensure that you will be able to enjoy that convenience without having to worry about the risks that are associated with outdated, failing, or poorly installed wiring.


When there are Signs of Trouble


If you notice any signs that indicate something is wrong with your wiring, you should schedule an inspection with a licensed electrician as soon as possible.


Signs that indicate something is awry include:

  •         Dimming or flickering lights
  •         Switch plates or electrical outlets that are hot to the touch
  •         A circuit breaker that’s constantly tripping
  •         Buzzing or whirring sounds coming from outlets, switches, or appliances
  •         The scent of burning plastic


If you ignore the signs of trouble, you could end up putting your family in serious danger. Have your system inspected as soon as you notice that something seems amiss.


If you need to have an electrical system inspection, contact the experts at Fielack Electric. Their licensed master electricians will thoroughly assess your wiring and make any necessary changes to ensure the safety of your home and your family.