GFCI Protection

Our homes’ electrical appliances that we use to power them have ground fault circuit interrupters to prevent us from getting shocked by electric current. It functions by contrasting the input current from the hot side with the output current from the neutral side.

Everywhere a receptacle is susceptible to moisture, GFCI protection should be offered since the risk of an unintended shock increases significantly when moisture is present.

For GFCI installation and inspection, rely on the skilled electricians at Fielack Electric. Reach out to us now.

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Why Do You Need GFCI Protection?

  • Property security 

You risk having fire damage your house if you don’t have a GFCI. The electrical wiring in your home may be harmed by electrical overloads, which could be expensive to repair. 

  • Protection of the family 

You may occasionally need to utilize electrically powered tools or appliances with your family in the same space as, or close to, a water supply in the modern world. Instances of mishaps that could result in severe electric shock or burn injuries are avoided thanks to GFCI outlets.

  • Convenience 

Daily tasks are simplified by GFCI outlets. Right there in the kitchen or bathroom, where you are, you may easily reset your plug to restore electricity. Alternatively, if the main breaker panel gives you easier access, we can install the GFCI there. Additionally, we may upgrade your home’s general electric panel.

You should call our skilled Long Island electricians if any of your current GFCI outlets are malfunctioning so they can take a look and maybe replace them with new, reliable outlets. Due to the difficulty of appropriate GFCI installation, the GFCI outlets in your home may have been placed wrongly in the past. Look out for problems like a GFCI that trips frequently or any noises or sparks coming from the outlet.

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