Improper Bonding Of Pool And Spa Equipment

Similar to your home, pool environments depend on electricity to run critical machinery. Electricity is used to power pool pumps, lights, most heaters, and other pool and spa accessories. 


Your pool is operational once the electricity is connected correctly! However, if it is not appropriately linked, pool users may feel tiny electrical surges, endangering their safety. An essential but little-known component of pool safety is a properly connected electrical system. You generally don’t give your pool’s electrical system much thought. Fortunately, the electricians at Fielack Electric are here for you.

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What is bonding? 

The technique of bonding involves joining the electrical and metallic parts of the pool with a wire to create a non-resistive channel between them. Bonding aims to link, contain, and prevent the passage of dangerous electrical power to pool equipment, humans, and animals.

Swimming pool bonding is a crucial safety practice that helps guard against electric shock. Bonding the pool aids in dispersing any electrical charge that can accumulate and present a risk. To ensure the safety of swimmers, it is crucial to adhere to the local building code standards for pool bonding and to use a professional electrician to do the bonding.

The possibility of hazardous electrical shocks is one concern associated with no pool bonding. This is due to improper grounding of the metal components of the pool when there is improper pool bonding—because of this, contacting one of these metal objects while concurrently touching another electrically charged object could result in a lethal electric shock.

A pool’s equipment may potentially be damaged if the pool is not properly bonded. This is due to the possibility of delicate electronic components being harmed by the electrical current from the metal objects.

We at Fielack Electric are dedicated to making your time at the pool safe and enjoyable. We have a licensed electrician who is pool-savvy. They are knowledgeable about pool equipment, observe safety protocols, and guarantee that your pool’s electrical system is securely bonded and grounded.

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