Improper Conductor Sized Runs

Conductors create the path for electricity. Even if the metals employed as conductors have a low resistance, the current that flows through them results in a voltage drop.

Choosing a too tiny conductor for the applied load might have harmful and disastrous effects in an electrical installation. Who wants to spend extra money on unneeded and overly large conductors?

The proper installation of an electrical system depends critically on the conductors’ adequate sizing.

Hire a qualified electrician in Long Island to protect your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your property.

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Importance of Proper Conductor Sizing

  • Reduce the risk of fire 

It causes heat resistance when the conductor is the wrong size, which can soon become a fire risk. It should be noted that every cable is made to support a particular level of voltage that is optimal for each application. The large flows of current could cause an improperly sized conductor to melt if you utilize one.

  • Avoid Appliance Damages 

Your appliances and gadgets may sustain significant damage from an incorrect conductor. For instance, anytime an inadequate current passes to its circuits, a speaker may be damaged. Additionally, your speaker could not receive the correct voltage required to operate at its best if the wrong conductor size is employed. This implies that your system’s audio quality won’t be up to par.

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Since there are unknowns during inspections, safety is necessary. Fielack Electric’s electricians are aware of potential problems, how to turn on and off your power safely, and what needs to be done to make repairs. They can also inform you of possible long-term system safety improvements through an inspection.

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